Problem: Floor Finish Discolouration (Yellowing or Browning)


Cause.         Insufficient coats applied (recoat schedule off or area not properly identified as high vs. secondary traffic)

Solution.    Scrub with blue or black pads, rinse and apply additional coats.  (Maintain 2 coats of sealer and 3 coats of finish.


Cause.         Thin coats of finish.

Solution.    Apply in medium coats, not with a wrung-out mop.


Cause.         UHS  restorer not being used on weekly maintenance schedule for high traffic areas.

Solution.   Apply UHS restorer as directed once each week to high traffic areas, Buff restorer one hour after drying.


Cause.         Buffing frequently is inconsistent.

Solution.   Buff high traffic areas daily after scrubbing.


Cause.         Wrong scrubbing or buffing pads used  (usually too aggressive).

Solution.   Use approved pads and follow recoat procedures


Cause.         Excessive amount of sand grit is on floor.

Solution.    Use approved mats and runners of sufficient length and width.


Cause.         Ammonia, bleach, or stripping solution used in scrubber or mop bucket for routine cleaning.

Solution.    Use approved cleaner only.


Cause.         Dirty equipment used to apply finish (stripper mop used, etc).

Solution.   Strip, properly rinse and apply new finish using clean equipment.


Cause.         Tile becoming old or very porous.

Solution.    Apply additional coats of finish.


Cause.         Additional coats applied before previous coat dry (will likely experience mop drag and look hazy).

Solution.    Allow next coat to dry sufficiently.


Cause.         Improper cleaner dilutions.

Solution.    Always measure detergent. Excess cleaner residue can cause dulling.



Cause.         Not using automatic scrubber for daily cleaning prior to any buffing (grinding direct into finish)

Solution.    Must use auto scrubber and proper pads/cleaner on daily basis. Damp mopping is not sufficient.


Cause.         Poor scrubbing technique prior to restoring and recoating.

Solution.    Scrub with blue pads before applying UHS Restorer and deep scrub with blue or black pads prior to recoating with extra coats of finish.


Cause.         Dirty mops and mopping with dirty water        (spreading dirt).

Solution.    Use clean mops and change water often.  If dirty mops or water used, deep scrub with blue or black pads, rinse and reapply finish.


Cause.         Water trails left by scrubber and/or dirty mops used to pick up water trails behind scrubber.

Solution.    Train scrubber operator and use clean mops and change rinse water frequently.


Cause.         Applying floor finish before floor has been properly scrubbed and rinsed (dirt coated into floor finish).

Solution.    Strip, rinse and reapply finish.


Cause.         Excessive dirt sand and grit allowed to enter   facility and being ground into finish.

Solution.    Use approved mats and runners with scheduled safety sweeps during day.


Cause.         Buffing pads contain dirt and finish accumulations.

Solution.    Always use clean pads. Rotate or replace as needed.


Cause.         Getting built-up by applying finish to edges    every time floor is coated (edges turning a different colour).

Solution.    Do not recoat outer 6 to 8 inches every time floor is finished.


Cause.         Incorrect concentration of cleaner.

Solution.    Follow recommended dilution of  UHS cleaner.


Cause.         Oil treated dust mops being used, leaving dirt catching residue on floor.

Solution.    Use approved dust mops.


Cause.         Fans used to force dry floor finish resulting in dirt catching bubbles. Dirt can then be buffed into finish.

Solution.    Never direct fan at floor finish.  If fans are used, aim upwards for air circulation in area.


Cause.         Contaminated floor finish (unused finish should never be returned to original container.

Solution.   Always dispose of unused finish.